Sunday, September 7, 2014

Adopting"joy" and making chocolate crispies...

Adoption, in India, has been yet in its nascent stages. Though there has been a steady rise in the number of children being adopted and the stigma attached to adoption is not as sharp as earlier yet, the number of children adopted is not so high.
 Me and the husband talked about adoption even before we were married and deep inside my heart, I knew I would embrace it, sooner or later. Well, God planned it for us, adding a little twist.  It was about 8 years back when a pregnancy loss prompted me and my partner to take this life changing decision and this  little parcel of joy (she was a tiny 3 month old) became a part of our life. No, she became "OUR LIFE". (Arriving at the decision and executing makes for another post.) Every single day after that has been such a joyous celebration of life.
Being a mother is a rewarding journey. You rediscover yourself on various planes as you hold the little one's finger as she forays into the world. Each day brings its own set of emotional concoction and leaves you with memories to be treasured for life. This piece is one such attempt to document me and my little miss laughter's time on a sleepy Sunday afternoon.
My bundle of joy,well she is no more a bundle, she is seven already, returned home from school with an assignment on mixtures and materials. It involved making a simple recipe by mixing two or more ingredients.
After a bit of brainstorming and some discussion later, momma knew that one ingredient, for whatever we make, has to be chocolate. 
We set out to make the simplest recipe; chocolate crisps
We choose 3 basic ingredients and a simple technique.

 This is how we made it.

Prep work :
1 small bowl of chopped chocolate + 2 tablespoons of butter
3/4 cup of crushed rice crispies, that sounds fancy, that was crushed rice puffs(mamara)
This how we actually made it:
In a bowl, chocolate + butter, goes in the microwave for 60 seconds roughly
Out of the microwave, the little one stirs it real hard with all her might
Putting in the crushed rice crispies, she mixes them well again 
And finally spoons into tiny muffin liners
The tray of chocolate muffins goes into the freezer compartment for about 20 minutes
And ten minutes later we have a happy smile, hands full of chocolate and some neat looking chocolate crispies.

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