Thursday, January 30, 2014

A fiery tomato "loncha" aka pickle

A nip in the air makes me crave for something really really spicy and that is how I remembered this fiery, red hot tomato pickle.
Why pickle ?..... because that is what my Ma calls it. Ma belongs to " Vidarbha"the  eastern most region of the Maharashtra state which almost means central India. Most of her cooking style reflects the signature fiery cooking style of that region.
This preparation was a regular during my growing up years. Heaps of red, ripe tomatoes would be deftly cut by the helper , the ginger -garlic paste prepared. Once home after her duties at work she would take over the kitchen.This tangy-fiery tomato preparation would take some cracking , bubbling few minutes to be made and would be mopped up with hot, fresh phulkas.
Now, I am a mother to a pickle loving 7 year old and wife to a tomato-hating husband.Regardless, whenever this "loncha" is made it is wiped clean !
Here I am sharing with you this simple, quick and flavor packed recipe of "Tomato che Loncha" as Ma calls it or tomato pickle. 
Mind you, this is not the sweet and sour kinds, this one is really really HOT and tangy.
Go ahead and try this one, an utterly simple preparation that you may get hooked to every time you see red tomatoes!

This is how it is made,
Chop about 3-4 ripe red tomatoes .
you will need about a tablespoon of ginger garlic paste.
Heat oil, in a pan. Now you have to be really generous and add a good 2-3 tbsp of oil .
Add mustard seeds, followed by ginger garlic paste. Fry well . Add chilli powder, about 2 -3 big spoonfuls.
Now add the chopped tomatoes.And fry these well until almost mashed and they lose shape.Add salt to taste.
Keep stirring and let it cook till oil floats on top.
There you are. done.
This can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.
My favorite way to have this is with a piece of bread or a chapati.

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