Thursday, December 13, 2012

" Baking a cake " strengthens the bond with the near and dear ones and yourself !

May sound funny, but yeah I find that true..
It is amazing how food , especially lovingly made food strengthens bonds between people irrespective of age, gender, caste,creedand above all your own soul! Last week an old aunt ( of the husband) celebrated her 65th birthday and invited us for a quite homely meal. I decided to bake a simple coffee flavored cake for her. For a quick and do-able cake recipe i did what i would usually do... checked out Saee's blog and soon I was  at it.. weighing the ingredients, whipping the batter... and a delicious coffee aroma soon filled the home. I got the chocolate ganache ready and patiently waited for the cake to cool down before spreading the chocolate layer between the cake.
I carried the cake all the way to the other end of the suburbs of mumbai.
The delight, the satisfaction, the praise, the love and the warmth  that surrounded was unsurpassed by anything material.

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